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Kiriy, N. ; Jähne, E. ; Adler, H. J. ; Schneider, M. ; Kiriy, A. ; Gorodyska, G. ; Minko, S. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Simon, P. ; Fokin, A. ; Stamm, M.
One-Dimensional Aggregation of Regioregular Polyalkylthiophenes

Solvent-induced aggregation of regioregular head-to-tall poly(3-alkylthlophene)s (PATs) have been studied by means of AFM and UV-vis spectroscopy. In hexane, which is a good solvent for alkyl side chains but poor for polythiophene backbones, PAT molecules undergo ordered main-chain collapse driven by solvophobic Interaction. Well-pronounced concentration-independent red shift of lambda(max) and good resolved fine vibronic structure in the electronic absorption spectra observed upon addition of hexane indicate that planarization occurs on the single-molecule level, A helical conformation of the man chain of PATs with 12 thiophene rings per each helical turn has been proposed. At the higher concentration of PATs the collapsed molecules undergo unexpected one-dimensional aggregation. Length of the particles varies from several nanometers to several hundreds nanometers and can be easily adjusted by the solvent composition or concentration of PATs.

Nano letters 3, 707-712


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December 2003
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