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Public projects

Current projects

  • DFG-AiF-Cluster: "Innovative materials for medium-temperature PEM fuel cell"work package 1: Ion-exchange membranes for medium-temperature fuel cells (MTPEM)(DFG ME2107/8-1)
    6/2010 - 5/2013

  • BMBF/IB Internationale Zusammenarbeit in Bildung und Forschung mit Ägypten (German Egyption Research Fund (GERF)
    Low-Fouling and Chlorine Resistant Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes for Drinking Water Treatment (EGY 10/029)
    9/2011 - 8/2013

Accomplished projects

  • BMBF program “Network research renewable energy sources and rational energy applications”
    High Performance Proton- Exchange Membranes for PEM Applications based on sulfonated Polysulfone (HiPEM) in cooperation with MPI für Polymerforschung (Mainz), MPI für Festkörperforschung (Stuttgart) and Deutsches Kunststoffinstitut Darmstadt) (accomplished 12/2009)

  • European Graduate School for "Advanced Polymer Materials" between Germany, Czech Republic and Poland (accomplished 2004):

    • Solvent-free preparation of microporous membranes based on polyolefin-  polyamide graft materials
    • Hydrophobic modification of pervaporation membranes for separation of VOC from water
    • Investigations of transport phenomena in polyelectrolyte ion-exchange membranes
  • HGF-Strategie-Fonds "Membranes and Electrodes for DMFC" in cooperation with GKSS Geesthacht and DLR Stuttgart (accomplished 2003)
  • BMBF program "Network renewable energy research": "Comparison and Evaluation of technologies for the conditioning of biogenic raw gases for the use in decentralized fuel cell systems" (accomplished 2005)
Public projects
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