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Polymer Interfaces

Head of Department:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Stamm

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Michael Voronkov

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In the focus of our studies in the field of polymer research is the better understanding of macroscopic interfacial phenomena (adhesion, wetting, adsorption) and their molecular origins. The findings from the comprehensive characterization of these interfacial phenomena are aimed at innovative surface design and at the integration in recent technologies resulting in improved product properties in the field of multi-component polymeric systems, adhesion joints, coatings, composites and blends..

Research groups

We use the following strategies to control the interfacial properties: chemical surface modifications, adsorption of surface active molecules and surface structuring.

Fields of work:

  • Modification and functionalization of interfaces
  • Surface spectroscopy (XPS)
  • Wetting and interfacial tension of polymers
  • Electrokinetics (charge formation processes at interfaces)
  • Scanning force microscopy (direct force measurements, surface topography)
  • Adsorption of surface active substances (surfactants, polyelectrolytes)
  • Gas adsorption and adsorption of liquids (analytics of micro and meso pores, specific surface, swelling of polymers)
  • Disperse systems und emulsions

In particular the following topics are currently under investigation:

  • Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Brønsted- and Lewis-acid-base properties of solid surfaces
  • Adhesion mechanisms in technologically relevant systems (painting, coating, gluing, printing, composites, hybrid materials)
  • Interfacial interactions in materials and processes of microelectronic industry
  • Electrostatic charging of polymers, stability of charges and kinetics of discharging
  • Interaction forces between polyelectrolyte brushes
  • Structured polymer surfaces with adaptive properties
  • Characterization of topographical und morphological surface parameters at different length scales
Polymer Interfaces


Polymer Interfaces