Modeling of Polymer Materials

Modeling of Polymer Materials


Marina Grenzer (Saphiannikova) , Vladimir Toshchevikov , Dmytro Ivaneiko , Jan Domurath , Jaroslav Ilnytskyi


The group "Modeling of Polymer Materials" is engaged in application-oriented research of functional polymer materials on the mesoscopic and macroscopic scales. The group activities have two main directions. The first direction is devoted to studies of mechanical, rheological and electrical properties of filled polymer melts and networks. The main focus is on modeling of nonlinear effects under application of large oscillatory shear or steady-state shear. The second direction comprises analytical and numerical studies of stimuli-sensitive polymers such as photoresponsive azobenzene polymers and magneto-sensitive elastomers. Here the emphasis is put on prediction of stimuli-induced changes in a shape and the mechanical moduli of these smart materials.


Dynamics of filled polymer networks under external forces

Rheology of filled polymer melts

Electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites

Structure-property relationships in photosensitive polymers

Structure and dynamics of magneto-sensitive elastomers
Modeling of Polymer Materials
Modeling of Polymer Materials