Micropatterned liquid phases

Microdroplets as microreactors

The liquid system and its interfacial order

Microdroplet arrays become more an essential part of microanalytical devices especially in bionanalytics. Besides this application the preparation of surface located microdroplets can be of great interest for studies of chemical reactions and structure formation in confined liquids. Our approach studying such effects is based on the fomation of microdroplet arrays either through dewetting of the liquid phase on microheterogeneous surfaces or by microfluid contact printing. This experimental plattform allows the preparation of aqueous microdroplets as well as hydrocarbon microdroplets.

The use of photopolymerisable diacetylenic amphiphiles as surfactants and their transformation into autofluorescent polydiacetylenes in a topochemical reaction at the water/air interface is a new experimental approach to sense local order at an interface by the polymerisation behaviour (see image above).


More information : http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/am900249w


Micropatterned liquid phases
Micropatterned liquid phases


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Charging and Structure Formation at Biointerfaces

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