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  • Prof. Dr. Hubert Motschmann
    Universität Regensburg
    Surface tension Ion distribution Foam stability Classical problems seen with new eyes
    December 18,2009, 10:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Dr. Stefan R.M. Fennrich
    NMI Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut, Universität Tübingen
    Blut als Sensor! Hämokompatibilitätsprüfung und in-vitro Pyrogentest
    December 17,2009, 11:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Prof. Walther Burchard
    Universität Freiburg
    SANS test measurements from two hyperbranched samples of the same degree of polymerization but different endgroups
    December 17,2009, 09:30 , Seminarraum Technikum

  • Prof. Debes Bhattacharyya
    University of Auckland, New Zealand
    Development, Manufacturing and Analysis of Advanced Composite Materials at Macro-to-Nano Levels
    December 16,2009, 13:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Daniel Sebastiani
    FU Berlin
    Understanding protic solvation from Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics simulations and theoretical spectroscopy
    December 15,2009, 16:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Dr. Wolfgang Radke
    DKI Darmstadt
    Wechselwirkungschromatographie von Polymeren, Möglichkeiten und Probleme
    December 14,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum Werkstofflaborgebäude

  • Dr. Steffen M. Weidner
    Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung (BAM, Berlin)
    MALDI-TOF Massenspektrometrie von Polymeren - Anwendungen, Probleme, Trends
    December 10,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Michael Erber
    Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden, Abteilung Analytik
    Characterization of the glassy dynamic in ultra-thin polymer films
    December 3,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Dr. habil Michel Gerspacher
    Ehem. Fa. Sid Richardson, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    Essential role of sub-micron dispersion of carbon black in rubber for optimal tire properties
    November 17,2009, 09:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. habil Michel Gerspacher
    Ehem. Fa. Sid Richardson, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    Relevant characterization of fillers with special emphasis on carbon black
    November 16,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. P. Pissis
    National Technical University of Athens, Department of Physics, Zografou Campus, Athens, Greece
    Glass transition and polymer dynamics in polymer nanocomposites
    November 16,2009, 10:00 , Seminarraum Werkstofflaborgebäude

  • Sven Fleischmann
    Roy & Diana Vagelos Laboratories, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
    SET-LRP - a real living polymerization of acrylates and methacrylates
    November 12,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Maria Conceicao Paiva
    University of Minho, Institute for Polymers and Composites/I3N, Guimaraes, Portugal
    Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for the Dispersion in Polymer Matrices
    November 11,2009, 13:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Chantal David-Granat
    Sciences Computers Consultants, St. Etienne, France
    XimeX - 3D Numerical Simulation of Mixing and Transport Processes in Polymer Processing Devices
    November 10,2009, 13:00 , Konferenzsaal

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  • Dr. hab. Fathollah Varnik
    Ruhruniversität Bochum
    Recent progress in understanding the fascinating world of small droplets
    November 5,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude Biomaterialien

  • Prof. Alexander Blumen
    Universität Freiburg
    Dynamics of Flexible and Semiflexible Tree like Networks
    October 14,2009, 13:00 , Seminarraum Werkstofflaborgebäude

  • Dr. Sebastian Seiffert
    Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Gordon MC Kay Labaratory, Cambridge, USA
    Functional Microgels Tailored by DropletMicrofluidics
    October 9,2009, 11:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Lacayo-Pineda
    Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
    Die Krümelkunde und das Sichtbarmachen eines alten Werkstoffs: Gummi
    Particle Statistics and Visualisation of an Old Material: Rubber

    October 8, 2009, 13:00, Seminarraum Werkstofflaborgebäude

  • Dr. Ecaterina Stela Dragan
    Head of the Fuctional Polymers Department,
    Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania
    Separation processes by ionic multicomponent systems based on natural and synthetic polycations
    October 8,2009, 10:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Dr. B. Borchers
    Freier Berater Papierherstellung / Heidenau
    Polyelektrolyte - Beurteilung von Flockungsprozessen bei der Papierherstellung
    September 21,2009, 10:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Prof. Stoyko Fakirov
    The University of Auckland, Centre for Advanced Composite Materials, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand
    From nanofibrillar polymer-polymer composites to nanofibrillar single polymer composites
    September 14,2009, 10:30 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Alexey Kondyurin
    University of Sydney, Australia
    Protein attachment on polymer surface modified by ion implantation
    September 10,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dipl.-Chem. Markus Susoff
    Technische Universität Clausthal, Institut für Physikalische Chemie
    Probe Dynamics in Semi-Dilute Polystyrene Solutions and Gels
    September 2,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Mathias Schubert
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, USA
    Terahertz Optical Hall effect and in-situ mechano-optic ellipsometry studies of hybrid nanostructured inorganic and organic layer structures
    August 6,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Charles R. López-Barrón
    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
    Compatibilization of cocontinuous blends with block copolymers
    August 4,2009, 13:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Alexei Karatchentsev
    Universität Konstanz
    Gaussian Disphere Model for Diblock Copolymers
    July 15,2009, 13:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Dr. Michael Lang
    IPF Dresden, Teilinstitut Physikalische Chemie und Physik der Polymere, AG Prof. Sommer
    Computer Simulation of crosslinked polymer systems
    July 9,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Dr. C.K. Das
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
    MWCNT and SiC coated MWCNT based nanocomposites in PEEK/LCP blend matrices
    July 9,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Giovanni Camino
    Politechnic of Turin, Alssandria Branch, Italy
    Nanocomposite as fire retardant polymer materials
    July 8,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Ivan Krakovsky
    Charles University, Dept. of Macromol. Physics, Prag
    Nanophase separated structure of epoxy hydrogels investigated by Small-angle Neutron Scattering
    June 23,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Dr. Guido Wilke
    Hochschule Esslingen
    Quellung von PP+EODM Filmen durch Lacklösemittel
    June 19,2009, 11:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Dr. S. Richard Turner
    Director Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
    Alternating Copolymerization of Substituted Stilbenes to New Precisely Functionalized Polymers
    June 18,2009, 11:00 , Seminarraum MBZ

  • Prof. Dr. S. Richard Turner
    Director Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
    New Polysulfones and Polyesters with Enhanced Properties
    June 12,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Rajib Schubert
    Columbia University, New York, USA
    Multivalent Cell Binding Peptides for Small Diameter Vascular Grafts
    June 11,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum MBZ

  • Dr. Petr Formanek
    IPF Dresden e.V., Abt. Nanostrukturierte Materialien
    Principles of Transmission Electron Microscopy
    June 4, 2009, 10:00, Konferenzsaal

  • Dr.-Ing. Ines Kühnert
    Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Lehrstuhl für Kunststofftechnik
    Montagespritzgießen: Grenzflächeneffekte und Prozessführung
    June 3,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Ass. Prof. Andreas Taubert
    University of Potsdam, Golm
    Bioinspired calcium phosphate/polymer composites: why not look at polycations?
    May 26,2009, 15:30 , Seminarraum Biogebäude

  • Prof. Dr. Douglas B. Weibel
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    Dissecting the Origins of Emergent Behaviour in Populations of Bacteria
    May 25,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Alexey V. Lyulin
    Eindhoven University of Technology, Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter (TPS)
    Computer Modelling of Polymer Glass Transition in Bulk and Thin Films
    May 25,2009, 09:30, Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Tapan Kumar Chapi
    Rubber Technology Centre, Kharagpur, Indien
    Thermoplastic elastomer nano composites based on inorganic nano fillers
    May 18,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum Werkstoffgebäude

  • Dr. Martin Müller
    IPF Dresden e.V., Abt. Oberflächemmodifizierung
    Films and dispersions of polyelectrolyte complexes
    May 7, 2009, 14:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Prof. Bhowmick
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
    Adhesion of Rubber Components
    May 6,2009, 14:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Marleen Kamperman
    Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrücken
    Bioinspired Systems for Enhanced Adhesion and Catalytic Functionality (Vortragstitel geändert)
    May 6,2009, 10:00, Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Olaf Karthaus
    Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan
    Self organizing parts for oranic electronic and photonics
    May 5, 2009, 10:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Prof. Dr. B.A. Wolf
    University of Mainz, Institute of Physical Chemistry
    Staudingerindices von Polyelektrolyten in reinem Wasser: Eine neue Methode zur Auswertung von Viskositätsdaten
    April 23,2009, 14:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • M. Sc. Jan Perlich
    TU München, Physik-Department Lehrstuhl E 13
    Sol-gel templated polymer nanocomposite films for photovoltaic applications: Preparation and structural characterization
    April 22,2009, 10:00, Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Matthias Lutolf
    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Schweiz
    Engineering artificial stem cell niches
    April 17,2009, 10:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Dr. Debarshi Dasgupta
    Institut Charles Sadron, Straßburg
    Thermoreversible Polymer Gels and their Hybrids with Functional pi-Organogels
    April 8,2009, 11:00, Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Marc Tjwa
    Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main
    Role of the urokinase receptor uPAR and plasmin in the maintenance, engraftment and mobilization of hematopoietic progenitor cells
    April 7, 2009, 14:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Dr. Andreas Timmann
    Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (HASYLAB), Hamburg
    Small-angle x-ray scattering of block copolymer colloids
    March 27,2009, 11:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Andrés Lasagni
    Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology, Dresden
    Direct fabrication polymeric periodic arrays in the microscale using multibeam laser interference patterning - A method for surface functionalization
    March 26,2009, 14:00 , Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Dr. E. Bhoje Gowd
    IPF Dresden, Teilinstitut Physikalische Chemie und Chemie der Polymere
    Generation of nanostructured materials from thin films of block copolymer assembles
    March 26,2009, 10:00 , Konferenzsaal

  • Prof. Walther Burchard
    Universität Freiburg
    Association Phenomena with Biopolymers
    March 24, 2009, 10:00, Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Günther Höhne
    Universität Ulm
    Hochdruck-Kalorimetrie: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
    March 17, 2009, 11.00 Uhr, Konferenzsaal

  • Dr. Derek Mortisen
    AO Foundation, Davos, Switzerland
    Scaffolds as functional templates for cardiac tissue engineering
    February 20, 2009, 10:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Prof. G. Nowak
    Universitätsklinikum Jena
    Untersuchungen zur gerinnungshemmenden Beschichtung von Polymeroberflächen
    January 21, 2009, 14:00, Seminarraum Laborgebäude für Biomaterialien

  • Prof. Elisabetta Ranucci
    University of Milan
    Biocompatible and biodegradable hydrogels for biotechnological applications
    January 20,2009, 13:30 , Konferenzsaal

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