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Interfacial Interactions in the Structuring of 193 nm Photoresists

"Control of the interfacial interactions in the structuring of 193 nm photoresists- a new concept for the reduction of the pattern collapse by appliction of cationic surfactants"

Qimonda Dresden GmbH & Co. KG
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Contact Person:
Dr. Karina Grundke
Dr. Astrid Drechsler
Dr. Cornelia Bellmann


The collapse of photoresist patterns is a factor strongly limiting the miniaturization of the structures in microelectronic manufacturing. It is due to unbalanced capillary forces between the photoresist lines during drying. In a novel approach developed by the chip manufacturer Qimonda, a cationic surfactant rinse is applied to avoid the pattern collapse. Physicochemical investigations showed that the surfactant indeed reduces the capillary forces by adsorbing onto the photoresist and rendering it hydrophobic.

further information: annual report 2005

Interfacial Interactions in the Structuring of 193 nm Photoresists
Grenzflächenwechselwirkung bei der Strukturierung von Fotolacken


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