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Interaction Forces between Polyelectrolyte Brushes

"In situ investigation of the interaction forces between polyelectrolyte brushes"

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Contact Persons:
Dr. Astrid Drechsler
Dr. Alla Synytska


The interaction forces between homogeneous and binary polyelectrolyte brushes are measured directly in aqueous solutions of different salt concentration and pH. In combination with other physicochemical methods as ellipsometry, zeta potential and wetting measurements, ATR-FTIR and theoretical modelling, these measurements will give information about structure, conformation and surface properties of the brushes. Besides the surrounding medium the chain length and grafting density of the brushes and the synthesis method are varied. The direct force measurements are carried out with a SFM and – in co-operation with the group of Prof. Kremer, University Leipzig - with optical tweezers.

Interaction Forces between Polyelectrolyte Brushes
Wechselwirkungskräfte an Polyelektrolytbürsten


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