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Fields of Work

  • Dynamics of filled polymer networks under external forces

  • Electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites

  • Rheology of filled polymer melts

  • Structure and dynamics of magneto-sensitive elastomers

  • Structure-property relationships in photosensitive polymers

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  • Mechanical characterisation of polymers, composites, textiles, fibres and related materials as well as polymer materials for practical applications
  • Dynamic-mechanical and thermo-mechanical characterisation
  • Adhesion and fracture mechanics
  • Development of micro-mechanical techniques
  • Mechanical characterisation in the micro and nano range (including nanoindentation)
  • In-situ techniques for structure-properties relations
  • Modelling of mechanical and fracture behaviour of polymers and composites
  • Twin screw extrusion connected with melt spinning
  • Bi-component fibre spinning
  • Hollow and profiled fibres
  • Degradable fibres
  • Modified polyolefin elastomers
  • Melt rheology and Spinnability of thermoplastic polymers
Fields of Work


Mechanics and Structure

Fields of Work