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  • High-pressure (60 bars) lab-scale testing unit (OSMO inspector2 Convergence B.V.)
  • Low-pressure (5 bars) lab-scale testing unit (LSta05-SPS Sima-tec GmbH
  • Lab-scale test cells for ultra- and microfiltration in dead-end (stirred) and crossflow mode (Amicon, Berghof, Reichelt)
  • Lab-scale test cell (flat sheet) for reverse osmosis
  • Lab-Scale Test cells for pervaporation (PM 28 CM Celfa AG)
  • Home-build testing device for single hollow fiber and capillary membranes in dead-end and crossflow mode (out-side in and in-side out filtration)
  • Fuel Cell Test unit Quintech Powerstation with DMFC option
  • Impedance spectrometer Gamry G600 and FuMa-Tech 4 point probe for automated conductivity measurements under defined conditions (temperature and relative humidity)
  • Density meter (DMA 58 A. Paar)
  • Home-build fuel cells:8 cell (50 cm²) demo stack (see picture) 
  • Home-build device for computer-controlled formation of free-standing polyelectrolyte multilayersystems and for automated preparation of polyelectrolyte-modified substrates (Dept. Research Technology)
  • Home-build device for automated for determination of water-uptake at vatious temperatures and relative humidities
Home-build fuel cells: 25 cm² demo cell


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Polymeric membrane materials