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Dr. Jürgen Pionteck

Fields of Work

  • Synthesis and chemical modification of reactive polymers
  • Reactive compatibilization of polymer blend
  • Modification of polymer interphases
  • Electrically conductive blends and (nano) composites
  • Interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN)
  • Thermodynamics of polymers and blends


  • “Modification of interphases in heterogeneous blends”, project A11 within DFG collaborative research centre 287 at Dresden University of Technology 'Reactive polymers in non-homogeneous systems, in melts and at interfaces', 01/96-12/07
  • “Functionalized carbon nano-tubes – an innovative filler for
    advanced electrically conductive polymer nano-composite materials”, DAAD, 01/06-12/07
  • PPP Slovakia (DAAD), "Electrically and thermally conductive nanocomposites based on the nanostructured graphite" (01/2008 - 12/2009)
  • DFG, "Electrically conductive composites based on expanded graphite (EG) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)" (08/2009 - 07/2012)


Dr. Jürgen Pionteck
Dr. Jürgen Pionteck


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Dr. Jürgen Pionteck