Anticoagulant Coatings

Anticoagulent Coatings


A wide range of biomedical devices is applied in streaming blood, such as catheters, blood vessel grafts, vascular stents, artificial heart valves, circulatory support devices, extracorporeal tubings, hemodialysis, hemapheresis or oxygenator membranes. However, their hemocompatibility frequently is not yet satisfying and requires systemic anticoagulant treatment of the patient with inherent risks. Surface modifications, which are oriented at the principles of the healthy blood vessel wall and apply biological, biomimetic or synthetic molecules are developed and evaluated to match specific needs for various applications. The biomolecules are closest to biology and highly effective, but generally they are expensive and very stable at sterilization, storage and in vivo. Biomimetic and synthetic molecules can overcome these limitations.


  • Molekulare Steuerung von Trenneigenschaften und Biokompatibilität an Polymermembranen für medizinische Anwendungen, BMBF 3/2007 - 12/2009

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Anticoagulant Coatings
Anticoagulant Coatings


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Anticoagulant Coatings