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Adhesion improvement of silicone surfaces

Qimonda Dresden GmbH & Co. OHG

Contact person:
Dr. Karina Grundke
Dr. Victoria Albrecht
Jan Roth (PhD - Student)



Increasing miniaturization of electronic devices requires new technologies in the packaging of chips. By applying silicones as thin layers, chips and circuit board assemblies can be decoupled. In this way, problems resulting from stress with increasing temperature can be avoided. However, in packages with such silicone layers, the adhesion to other polymers is bad.

It was the aim of this project to create reactive functional groups on the surface of the silicones by low pressure plasma treatments and subsequent chemical modifications in order to improve the adhesion between the silicone layer and epoxy resins.

Adhesion improvement of silicone surfaces
Verbesserung der Adhäsion von Silikonoberflächen


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